Centerville First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
                                      First United Methodist Church welcomes new pastor

     Pastor Shurmaine McAlpine has recently taken over at the First United Methodist Church just off the north

side of the Centerville Square. She began at the church in July but this is actually her 30th year as a pastor.  

“I started on World Communion Sunday 1986,“ said McAlpine. “That was my first Sunday to preach…I started

when I was 34.”  Prayer and missions are very central and important to McAlpine’s ministry.“Those are vital for

ministry,” said McAlpine. “I think our church is a very welcoming church. I’m very pleased. We want to reach out

and want to help the community.” In the United Methodist system, pastors are appointed. That is how McAlpine

and her husband, William, came to Centerville. They moved here June 15 from Lenox, Iowa where she had been

serving several churches for the last six years. “I served three churches, actually four in the beginning,” said

McAlpine. I served Lenox, Clearfield, Sharpsburg and Mercer Center.” McAlpine’s husband is a retired pastor and

the couple have two children, a son Mark and daughter-in-law Nicole, who have four children, Wesley, Michael,

Aiden and Emma, and live in Tama, and a daughter, Beth and son-in-law Ryan, who have one son, Darrian, and

live in Spencer. McAlpine said she had never been to Centerville before being assigned here, but had heard of it

before. “We heard lots of good things about Centerville…,” said McAlpine. “Especially the shopping. I remember

several people said, ‘Oh yes, we go there to shop on the Square and that’s just a great place to shop,’” One thing

that surprised McAlpine was that she would be doing live broadcast each week, something she had never

experienced before and something that was a little nerve-wracking. “Our church worship service is on the radio,”

said. McAlpine. “That was kind of intimidating to me because I had never done that before, especially live…that is

broadcast at 10 o’clock every Sunday morning through the radio station here.” Since arriving McAlpine herself

has made some changes at the church aw well. She has started an 8 a.m. worship service that she says is very

informal. “People are invited to converse with me as I preach,” laughed McAlpine. She has also started a prayer

group each Wednesday of the month, except the second Wednesday, at 5:15 p.m. McAlpine said so far the move

has gone very well and everyone has been very welcoming to she and her husband.  “Our church people are

wonderful and very welcoming,” said McAlpine. “We’re very blessed to be here.” 

By Krystal Fowler Aug. 7, 2016





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